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Resident Evil 0:
I have beaten Resident Evil Zer0 for the first time! On Normal. I haven't beaten it so this is my first time. My time was: 4:57:17. "A" Ranking. I've could have gotten an "S" but left on the pause menu several times for quite awhile. But its better than nothing. So yay! I had no stipulations but this: Resident Evil Zero: Normal Mode, No Magnum, and No Special Weapons. And I've used about 3 First Aid Sprays.

Resident Evil Remake: I have just beaten Resident Evil Remake with Jill, on (5/19/08) and completed it in 04:32:32. The best part was getting The Samurai Edge, Closet Key, Invisible Enemy Mode and Real Survivor! The stipulations were: Jill, No Magnum, No F.AS, No Shotgun, and no more than 8 Saves. My time was 04:32:32. I know it wasn't that challenging but still it was a good time.

Resident Evil 2: I have just beaten Resident Evil 2, Leon B! This was exciting because I started today (5/18/08) and completed it in just 2 short and intense hours!!! The best part was I got Extreme Battle Mode. Yay for me!!! Anyways here were the stipulations for Resi. 2. Resident Evil 2 - LeonB, Normal, No F.AS, no deaths, and no more than 8 saves! And my grade was: Rank: B, Time: 02:19:30, and Saves: 8...

Resident Evil 4:
I have just did something that I thought I wasn't incapeable of doing but I tried it, and it wasn't so hard. I have finished the mercenaries with Krauser Knife Only! With Parasite, F.AS, and Grenades. And got a Five Star!!! I'm going to attempt this challenge agian without F.AS this time. Its going to be easy and some what hard so stay tuned for the vid! (5/27/08).

Resident Evil 3: I have just beaten Resident Evil 3 on Hard Mode and for the first time and also beaten the WHOLE Resident Evil Series!!! Excluding the Survivors, Gaiden, and Dead Aim. My rank was horrible but still I can say that I've beaten Resident Evil 3 my first time on Hard. And this was my 6 time in life ACTUALLY playing... My rank was: Saves: 18, Grade: E, Time: 7: 04: 36. I DON'T CARE I FINISHED THE WHOLE SERIES! I finished it on: (6/14/08).


Resident Evil news

Resident Evil 5
Platforms: Xbox 360 and Playstation 3
Online: Xbox Live and Playstation Network
Japan: March. 12, 2009 
North America: March. 13, 2009

Resident Evil Degeneration
Type: DVD and Blu-Ray
Release Date: December. 30, 2008

The REchallengers present "Infected!"
Song written and performed by Aaron R and Stephan D for the Resident Evil Challenges                                                                                                   

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